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Buy well smoked fish, Bonga, Mololo, Ndololo from Kange Fishing port

Mama Kange
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## Mama Kange Kange is major a coastal fishing port located in Fako sub-devision, Southwest of Cameroon. The main activity carried out here is fishing. Fishing of all kinds, mostly Bonga (Ethmalosa fimbriata). But you can get any kind of fish from me including but not limited to: * Musombo * Cat fish * Cover pot. * Etc Fresh Bonga contains about 15-17% of protein; 5-8% fat, and contains an appreciable amount of minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Simply, they are a rich source of protein to consume. They are used in manufacturing of protein rich meals. Prices for Bonga depends on the sizes, fully grown Bongas are larger and you pay a bit more for them. Consult pricing on this service. I will delivery to you the best smoked fish that will last longer. Gain 100% confidence as what I deliver are checked and approved by local fishing doctors. **FREE delivery to Douala Bonabery or Tiko Port for you to pick up.** *NB: Prices varies depending on supply and demand. Be sure to check back often for latest updated prices.*

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payments MEDUIM SIZED BONGA 100.00 XAF / Item
payments LARGE SIZE BONGA 125.00 XAF / Item
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location_on Cameroon - Littoral
location_on Cameroon - Sud-Ouest
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textsms location_on Cameroon - Limbe history September 2021
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