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I produce and sell Catfish

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I produce and sell Catfish which is low in fat. My table size catfish is sold as from 400g and above. I also sell quality broodfish which is not less than one year and have an average weight of 1.5kg. - Catfish are very rich in protein which are the primary source of energy in your diets. It also responsible for building and repairing tissue and muscle as well as serving as building blocks for many hormone, enzymes and other molecules. -Catfish and other Seafood tend to provide more Omega-3 fatty acids than other foods. We used imported feed like natural Aleva to feed our fish. We have the best quality fish for you.

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payments CATFISH TABLE SIZE 3,000.00 XAF / Kilogram
payments CATFISH BROODFISH 7,000.00 XAF / Kilogram
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location_on Cameroon - Centre
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Shella star_outline 1.0
textsms location_on - history November 2021
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