Privacy Policies
Updated July 2021
Trusting us with your information is a big deal, we take this responsibility seriously. Here we outline our privacy policy guiding the use of the information you share with us. If you disagree with these privacy policies, you must not use this website.
Information we collect
Most of the information we collect is provided by you. We only collect information that helps run the platform smoothly and ease eventual interaction with other parties on the site. We collect personal and business information including:
  • Emails
  • Phone number
  • Full names
  • Address
  • Financil account details
This information is to assure guaranteed and trust base interactivity among users of this website.
Our site uses cookies to enhance your experience on this site. By continuing to use this site, you hereby allow and authorize the storage of cookies in your browser.
How we process your information
We use the information you provide to guarantee quality, secured service and trust. You public information may be displayed to registered users on our website to help identify you.
We will only process your information you shared with us up to the limit allowed by the law.
Infomation Storage
Your information is stored securely on servers managed by Handy Services. Backup of your information is stored in multiples locations for availability, redundancy and recovery when needed. The sensitive information you share with us is encrypted.
Information sharing
The public information you provide is visible on this website largely to registered users like you. We do not sell or run ads with your information. Your very sensitive and personal information is never revealed to unauthorised parties.
In compliance with applicable national and international laws guiding financial transactions, We may share a limited amount of your information with our third-party payments processors only. This is to verify transactions in and out of financial accounts.