Handy Services Ltd is a Cameroon based technology company.

Registration number in trade register: RC/LMB/2021/B/0195

This website is developed to help service providers (skilled professionals or businesses) advertise, display and sell their goods and services online in Cameroon and around the world.

We also make it easy for you to find service providers and pay for their goods or services in just a few clicks.

Our platform serves all your needs!


Find Everything as a Service

Find services from General Labour, to Transportation, Entertainment, Law and Order, Life Style, you name it!
See in real-time trusted services that have been vetted by folks like you.

We are your support

We build trust between service providers and those who require their services. Our team is ever ready to assist you in the event of any dispute.


Our Mission

We are Democratizing access to Services

So that everyone can find Everything as a Service.